Welcome to the London Edition!

Wow, a brand new website for Meet the Blogger London. We are looking forward to an exiting, international blogger event/conference for home-, design- and lifestylebloggers. And did you know that this event will be a 2-day event? This means that you will have much more time to connect, engage and meet bloggers and brands! What do you think?

3 thoughts on “Welcome to the London Edition!

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  2. When you say it’s going to be a two day event, do you mean that there will be speakers and workshops on the second day too? Or will it be a visit like it was in Stockholm?

    • Hi Mia, exactly that. We are offering 1 day tickets for the main conference which will take place on Saturday Match 9th and two-day tickets if you’d like to do the conference plus the event. The second day will comprise of a design tour around a specific area of London is very similar to what took place in Stockholm. We really hope you’ll join us. Stockholm was so much fun!

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