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Are you excited about our next Meet The Blogger event? We are too and with London calling I’m so glad to introduce our series Bloggers Unite. This is a great way to meet your fellow blogger peers as well as gaining a mini intro before we kick-off the event. In our first London series, blogger Geraldine Tan shares with us her insight into the blogging world, how she started her own blog and gives advice and tips on what to consider when starting your own blog.


1. when did you start blogging?

8 months ago, from June 2012.

2. What is the idea behind your blog?

Little Big Bell is a London based design and lifestyle blog. The name has evolved from my daughter’s Chinese middle name, which translates to Little Bell.

This was meant to be a platform for mother and daughter, sharing our inspirations in lifestyle and design.  I am currently the principle blogger whilst my daughter focuses on school life.

The blog is where I explore and curate a collection of new talents and trends in the world of design and decor.

I work as a doctor during the day, leading a frontline service that looks after complex older patients who present to the Accident and Emergency department.

Whilst I love the exhilaration of my day job, blogging to me is the perfect antidote to unwind in the evening. I love sharing with my readers and feeding my passion, the world of design, decor and interiors.


3. What is your favourite home, design and lifestyle blog?

Decor 8 for Holly Becker’s inimitable style and unwavering ability to forecast trends, whilst spotting new talents. What draws me to Holly’s blog is her authentic voice and the support she so selflessly give to her blogging community.

Colourliving because Tina Bernstein has a special knack for inspiring her readers. She takes us on amazing journeys to meet people and experience places that are interesting, eclectic and undiscovered.

Pink Ronnie for her beautiful and mesmerising photographs. I admire her for her courage to blog from the heart.

4. What advice would you give to someone wanting to start their own blog?

I would advise them to go for it. Not to be disheartened in the beginning if you haven’t got many followers. Blog with true passion, embrace social media and you will see your community grow.

5. How do you see the future of blogging?

I see it becoming more recognised as a media platform on par with magazines. I also see it becoming a springboard to new careers, especially as awareness spread, during these trying economic times.

Images Supplied by: Geraldine Tan

7 thoughts on “Bloggers Unite: Little Big Bell – Geraldine Tan

  1. Very nice and inspiring interview! Especially for someone who just started a new blog like me. It’s a whole new creative world where anything is possible!



  2. Caroline @trend-daily it was lovely meeting you in Stockholm – you are amazing too with work and family and blog. xx
    @ Pien lovely to discover your blog and looking forward to meeting you at MTB x

  3. Hi Geraldine, it was sooo lovely to meet you at Meet the Blogger, Stockholm, you are such a friendly and inspiring person, I hope we can get together soon!
    Jo xx

  4. @Jo . Thank you so much for such a lovely comment. I really enjoyed meeting you in Stockholm too. I hope all is going well with the move back. We should definitely meet for coffee when you are next in London. xx

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