Meet the Blogger is a truly unique, international 2-day blogger conference in London dedicated to starting and professional home-, design- and lifestyle bloggers. You don’t have to be an experienced blogger to join this conference! Even if you have just started a tiny little blog with 100 or 10 readers a day we welcome you to this conference. We offer you a great variety in the program so everyone will be able to get inspired and learn from other bloggers.

Meeting, networking, inspiring, and learning are the key ingredients. Oh, are we forgetting having fun here? :)

In 2012 the Meet the Blogger event in Amsterdam was a big succes. More than 120 (international) bloggers had a great time at a wonderful location in the heart of Amsterdam. And last weekend we took the Meet the Blogger concept up north to Stockholm.  And now it’s time for the first Meet the Blogger conference in London. Hot topics, trends and the business of blogging will be on tap. Come be part of the conversation.

Blogging trends 2013

#1 Meet the online world offline

The blogging community for home, design and lifestyle bloggers is growing fast. Besides virtual contact via social media and blogs, there is a trend that bloggers want to meet each other in real life.
#2 Bloggers in business
More and more bloggers are becoming professional entrepreneurs. Our key-note speaker Frida Ramstedt from Sweden made from her hobby a real business. Last year she quited her job in advertising to become a full-time home, design and lifestyle blogger.
#3 Bloggers are the new VIPS
Bloggers are gaining influence in the online and offline world. Some bloggers are having so many daily readers that they are strong influencers. This is why many brands want to build up on a relationship with Bloggers. Bloggers are the New VIPS!
#4 Bloggers vs Brands
Some bloggers started a webshop first and start a blog to promote brands they love and sell on their website. This is not new but more and more brands see the advantage to team up with bloggers on joined promotions and crowd sourcing. Some bloggers even receive daily free products to reveiw on their blogs.
#5 From blogs to Pinterest and everything in between
Advanced bloggers know how to reach their audiences. They use all kind of social media and visual content to promote their blogs. The home, design and lifestylebloggers are getting more and more professional.  
Do you see more trends in home, design and lifestylebloggers. Please share your ideas with us by leaving a comment! We’d love to hear from you!